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Balancing Act
Again pictures will hopefully be posted soon. Simone is cruising around like crazy. A couple of days ago, she used... Little Fish Little Fish
Magda has really taken off when it comes to swimming in recent weeks. Starting last Saturday at a friend's birthday... Mamamamamama
I'm fairly certain it's only baby babble, but Simone is saying "Mama". Well, she actually says, "mamamamamamama", but she is... Baby Girl Has Teeth!
Magda, Simone, and I were at the park last Thursday. As she often does, Simone grabbed my finger and started... My Little Giant
Simone had her 4 month appointment today. She did great though she was quite offended when the doc pressed down... Simone Pictures
I'm currently caught up on Simone's Weekly Picture. Take a look when you get the chance - she's a cutie!... Cooking Magda
This evening Magda and Stepan were baking the finger cookies for our upcoming Pumpkin Carving party. I was occupied in... Healthy Babies
Magda and Simone both had doctor's appointments today. Since Magda's old pediatrician dropped our insurance, I had to find a... Simone's Album
I've finally started Simone's first year photo album. Follow the link in the sidebar to get into my photo album.... Baby Watch: Week 40, Day 1
I'm going to quit calling people on the telephone for the next couple of weeks. Inevitably, the very first thing... Validation
Yesterday I was cleaning off Magda's little table in the kitchen and laying down newspaper so we could paint. Out... Potty Party
We are fully into the wonderful world of Potty Training. Magda is doing great at going to the toilet to... Nursing No More
Magda and I are done with nursing. I always thought it was going to be a decision that I would... 'Buelito's Here!!!
I had a garage sale last Saturday. I made over $200 so I consider it a success, but not all... Lion Kisses
Yesterday morning in bed, Magda woke up and wanted to give me butterfly kisses. That progressed into people kisses, Eskimo... Empty Bed
My baby has her own bedroom now. There is still much that needs to be done (finishing and installing the... Other Notable Events of the Day
I missed my baby today. I got up before she woke to go swimming. By the time I got back,... My Place is Saved
Kayleigh and Magda both like to sit in my lap...especially if the other one is currently ensconced there. Today at... Our Easter Miracles
I have so much to write about today, but I doubt I will be able to remember everything or say... Big Trouble
It's shameful how long I've gone without chronicling the life of my beautiful girl. And when I'm finally inspired to... It's Her Birthday!
We had a lovely day on Magda's actual birthday. Aside from dealing with a Run-away Rose in the morning, the... Today's Firsts
Today was Jonathan's first sleep over since Magda was born. Elizabeth, Kayleigh, and Jonathan came over for happy hour while... "Happy Birthday"
Magda is becoming quite the little singer. Her current favorite song is "Happy Birthday" which she has me sing a... Bitten
It finally happened last Friday. I was relaxing with Elizabeth and not paying too much attention when Magda suddenly started... Ciao Mama
Magda really enjoys getting dropped off at Stepan's office at the end of the day. This is something we started... Loosy Goosy - Gross Day
Magda (or I should say Stepan and I) have had our first experience with ill baby. Magda has been suffering... Getting Up
Another first for The Girl. While we were at Elizabeth's today, I was carrying a sad, sick Kayleigh when I... First Steps
As Stepan mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Magda has been quite insistent to "go, go, go", meaning she wants... All Turned Around and other Milestones
Last weekend, Stepan surprised both me and Magda by turning her carseat around so she is now facing the front.... First Birthday Party
I deem it a wonderful success! Magda always likes it when we have company, especially if that company includes either... Bésame Mucho
My darling girl gives me kisses now when I ask for them. Also, she'll do it whether I ask in... 10 Months Old - Let the Crawling Begin
Today, Magda is 10 months old. To celebrate she spit up on my face (nearly made it into my mouth,... The First Straw
It started last night at the wedding reception for Matt Vratel and his lovely bride, Lorelia. Uncle Tim started... Happy 7th Month
Rocked to Sleep
I don't think I'm ready to stop breast feeding and I really hope Magda isn't either. In addition to the... Congested
Aweful, aweful Monday night. Magda was extremely congested two nights ago and consequently had trouble sleeping. It's such a heartbreak... Ever Changing
After 2 months of feeding and pumping every three hours (or thereabouts), I've finally returned the hospital grade breast pump... Test Subject
Magda participated in her first experiment today at the Children's Research Lab. I think she had a better time... Oh Joy
A couple of nights ago, Magda woke up sometime between 4am and 5am. She's really sweet when she wakes up... In the Groove
I hope I'm not jinxing anything, but I feel Magda and I have refound our groove. Of course, I had... Laughing Matters
Magda is starting to laugh more and more. Here are a few of the things that can get her giggling... 4 Months - Starving Baby
Magda did not pass her 4-month checkup with flying colors. Alarmingly, she has dropped from the 10th percentile for weight... Wish List
I finally got around to filling out a Wish List for Magda on Amazon. I mainly did it to keep... Holy Magdalena
My darling daughter is well and truly baptised. Of course, she missed most of the mass. She was wide awake... Arm Shortage
When you stretch your arms towards the ceiling, where does the top of your head hit your arm? Now... Spit Up
Yesterday, for the first time, I had to change Magda's clothes because she spit up and got them all nasty.... Ney Dudlic
Apologies to Stepan cause I know I mispelled "dudlic". That's the czech word for pacifier and it seems like everyone... 2 Week Appointment
Magda and I went for her 2 week check up at the pediatrician's today. Of course, I should mention that... First Solo Excursion
Well, life is slowly taking on a sense of normalcy. This week, Stepan went back to work full-time so it's... Family Outting
All is well in the Riha homestead. Late this morning, we took Magda to the park with Homer for... 41 Weeks, 3 days
I'm officially ready now...well, the bag isn't completely packed and I still need to order my diaper bag and a... Still Pregnant
Our "due date" is just under a week away and the calls and emails have already started. I don't mind... Lucio Family Baby Shower
Stepan and I traveled to Ft. Worth for our first baby shower this weekend. It was generously hosted by Diana... It's Coming Out
Not the baby, but maybe the bellybutton. The other day I was sitting on the edge of the couch, leaning... Affirmations
Stepan and I completed out Hypnobirthing classes last week. I think we both got a lot out of them and... Movin'
I've been feeling The Baby move for several weeks now, but Stepan always missed it. He kept saying I was... Hypno-Birthing: Class 1
We had our first Hypno-Birthing class tonight. I feel really good about going through these birthing classes. The instructors are... The Worst Part
So far my biggest complaint about being pregnant is trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. From everything... Terrible Mother
I'm going to be a terrible mother. I've finally gotten myself to sit down at my computer to do some... My First Mother's Day
I've been strongly hinting to Stepan for weeks now that he should get me something for Mother's Day this year.... The Belly
I think The Belly is all anybody really sees of me anymore. And I know it's only going to get... 16 Week Check Up
This morning, Stepan and I met with one of the nurse practitioners at Dr. Litzinger's office. Since my last check... Psychological Hunger
I'm not sure if I was hungry because I needed something to eat or if I was hungry because I... Cat's Out of the Bag
Today I had a meeting with Mike, Heidi, and Lynn. I was nervous telling them my news, but they all... Secret
How do people keep their pregnancies a secret for so long? I just spent 2 hours with Mike McInturff and... Worried...Excited
I've been worried since yesterday afternoon, when I noticed a spot of blood in the toilet. The there was discoloration...