August 6, 2008

Baby Watch: Week 40, Day 1

I'm going to quit calling people on the telephone for the next couple of weeks. Inevitably, the very first thing out of anybody’s mouth is some variation on “are you in labor” or “have you had the baby?”. Everyone should be certain that when it happens, they won’t have to ask. Also, even though today is the medically determined “due date”, I don’t expect to have a baby for at least a week – maybe longer. And though I’m doing or contemplating doing lots of things to help get our birthing started, it’s not so much up to me as it is to Baby. As we all learned from Magda nearly 4 years ago, Baby will come when Baby is ready.

Otherwise, I’m feeling fairly good – aside from it being hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in and the trouble I have rising from a sitting or reclined position. I swam 1700 yards on Sunday and 1300 on Monday and took the dogs on an hour-long 2-mile hike through Walnut Creek Park on Tuesday. Homer, Rose and I will likely repeat the hike in the morning. We had a meeting with our doula last night who gave us some referrals for chiropractic and acupuncture that I’ll try to set up for either Friday or early next week. Today I had an appointment at the Birthing Center. It appears as if the baby has dropped even lower. Baby is currently positioned on the right and the midwife gave me some helpful reminders on how to encourage Baby to move to the left. Baby’s heartbeat is strong and his/her movements are regular. My weight has held steady since last week and my blood pressure is enviable (110/60).

Posted by jfer at August 6, 2008 9:21 PM
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