April 27, 2007

My Place is Saved

Kayleigh and Magda both like to sit in my lap...especially if the other one is currently ensconced there. Today at Elizabeth's, Magda was on my lap when she heard Dale in the kitchen. She really wanted a piece of bread, but didn't want to give up her place in the center of my lap to Kayleigh. She was utterly torn until I told her those four magic words, "My place is saved!". She loved it. Thereafter, she would sit on my lap for a brief minute then run off to the living room and back. When she was gone, Kayleigh would crawl into my lap but would dutifully move to the side when Magda returned. It was very cute. Magda didn't quite grasp that she needed to say the magic words every time she left her seat, but that will come in time. Also in time, I'm sure she'll learn the entire magic word phrasing, "My place is saved, for me, until I come back, really 'n' truly, no take-backs!".

Posted by jfer at April 27, 2007 9:17 PM
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