Mary, Queen of France

by Jean Plaidy

I'm inspired to begin writing this entry before I've actually finished the book. As I read about the desolation of young Mary prior to her marriage to the King of France, I feel not one bit of sympathy for her. She has no character beyond that of the spoiled, beloved princess.

Reading this book so soon after having finished The Constant Princess has been very interesting, especially so for the first part of the book which takes place in the English court. The two works of fiction offer very different takes on the feelings and emotions of the royalty and noblemen of the day. So far the most interesting part of this book for me has been reading about the intrigue surrounding the line of succession for the French court prior to Mary's marriage to King Louis of France.

I finished the book this afternoon and though I did enjoy it, I really wouldn't recommend it to anybody. It was nice that Mary finally got to marry her "one true love", but I never really got invested in her drama. I did enjoy the insight provided into the apparent decline of the mental health of Henry VIII and the machinations of both the English and French courts.

I like the idea of historical fiction; it makes history seam more real and engaging. But I've yet to discover an author who can realistically bring it alive for me. It also

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