Progue Golum: Stories from the Jewish Ghetto

Translated by Sona Maresova

I had a hard time deciding if this book should be classified as "fiction" or "non-fiction". I classified it as "non-fiction" because Dewey includes a section for "Customs, etiquette, folklore".

I picked this book up in a bookstore on Old Town Square in Prague. Despite it's title, the story of the Golum is on one of about 15 folk stories related from the Czech Jewish tradition. It begins with "How the Jews came to Bohemia" and continues through many stories of morality and coping with the persecution that the Jews have faced throughout history.

I enjoyed reading this booklet (64 pages including the 1 page source page). As with all collections of short stories, it will be a great book to keep on my bookshelf for whenever I have a just a few minutes to spend lost in the pages of a book.

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