May 3, 2006

Sweet Berries and Potatos

Yesterday, Magda and I went with some friends to Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls. We had an absolutely delightful time picking strawberries, feeding the goats, and trying to lure the horses close enough to pet. We also got to come home with some freshly harvested red potatos. Come June the blackberries will be ripe and ready or picking. Yummy!

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May 11, 2006

Ciao Mama

Magda really enjoys getting dropped off at Stepan's office at the end of the day. This is something we started a couple of months ago when I took my knitting class and did a triathlon pre-season prep training class. Today, I dropped her off so I could go swimming. The outer doors were locked and as we were waiting for Stepan to let us in, she would try to peer into the tinted glass doors and loudly call out, "Tata!". Once we were inside, she gave me a hasty hug and a kiss, ran for the elevator and called out, "Ciao Mama", with a little giggle and a wave.

She just gets cuter and more interesting every day. She's walking wonderfully well now, but still isn't as steady on her feet as her older cousin (at this age, 4 months makes a huge difference!). What that really means is that she is full of scrapes and bruises. Usually it's her knees that take the brunt of a fall, but today she fell off of the swing at school and has a pretty impressive scrape on her elbow. Poor little muffin. She didn't think much of falling off the swing.

Tomorrow I'll have to be extra vigilent with her or maybe wrap her from head to toe is padded cotton - else Stepan may want to fire me!

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May 25, 2006

My First Flop

My Team Danskin training group did a hill workout on the bike this evening. As a workout leader, I was the sweeper for the Level IIs. We were on the way to the start of our loop - i.e. we hadn't done anything but an easy warmup - when we came up to a stop sign. I easily freed my right foot from my pedal clips and slowed down for the stop sign with about 10 other women. I'm not sure what happened; my right foot was free, so I have no idea why I leaned left! It's called a flop when you fall on your bike when you aren't actually moving and this was the first time I've ever done it. I'm fine, but my knee was bleeding fairly profusely - it was quite impressive. All in all, I'm glad it finally happened. It wasn't at all painful or traumatic; I don't even mind that so many amazing and talented bike riders were there to witness my very first flop.

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May 28, 2006

2005 Completed

Yes, I realize that it is almost the end of May - 2006 is nearly half over - but I have finally uploaded all the relevant pictures from last year. You can click the "Snapshots" link on the left or click here to see all photos and albums from 2005. Be assured that I'll let eveyone know when I finally catch up with my 2006 photos.

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May 31, 2006

More Photos

I am officially caught up on all my photo posting. Check out my Snapshots for Random Pix and photos from our first Platypus Project semester (that's our pre-school.)

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