December 16, 2008

Trail of Lights

Magda, Stepan, Simone, and I did the Trail of Lights tonight and it was absolutely fantastic. The Trail opened on Sunday and we went today in the hopes that it wouldn't be too crowded (we went on the last day last year and it was a mad house - taking over an hour to just park). This year it only took about 20 minutes to park (thanks in part, I'm sure, to the $15 parking fee - I don't think it was that expensive last year). I was a little trepidatious about going tonight since temperatures have been near and below freezing, but if we didn't go tonight, we would miss it entirely this year and Magda has been talking about it all year, so I really wanted to go. But my fears were unfounded. It was cold, but that we were well bundled and the cold made it feel very Christmassy. Also, the cold made the hot chocolate taste ever so much better. I think Magda enjoyed it more this year - she's older and we didn't have to fight the crowds to stay together or to admire the displays. My favorite part was towards the end when I picked Magda up and waltzed with her through the blue star tunnel with my favorite carrol, "Carrol of the Bells", playing in the loud speakers. And of course, we did the tree spinning before getting the car to drive home. Magda is getting so big, but I could still pick her up this year and give her a fantastic spin under the giant light tree.

Posted by jfer at December 16, 2008 11:00 PM

It was lots of fun, but I was freezing my tush off (actually, mostly it was my hands, despite two pairs of gloves). And I'm looking forward to the day Simone moves from the sling to a backpack - that girls is getting way too heavy.

If anyone's planing on going, I'd highly recommend taking the shuttle.

Posted by: stepan on December 17, 2008 9:27 AM
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