September 28, 2005

Quick Update

So much has happened since my last posting there's no way I'll be able to remember it all. I really wish I could be better about keeping up with this blog - especially since I love being able to go back and read my entries from years past! In any event, here's a brief recap of things I remember at 12:45am...

New York, New York Magda and I had a wonderful visit with Mom and Meredith in NYC in mid September. Meredith completed her first Danskin Tri in 2 hours, 7 minutes. You can check out her official photos at the Brightroom website. Too bad they are so expensive, there are a few pix that would be fun for Meredith to have. I have also posted selected pictures from the entire trip in my photo album. You can check those out here.

One Freaky Thing On the Saturday before the Danskin, we all went to the Danskin Expo and packet pick-up. As I was walking in the door, this blond woman walks up to me and claims to recognize me. "Weren't you recenly in the Czech Republic?", she asks. Turns out I sat next to her on the bus to the trail head of our hike in the Giant Mountains. I was floored that she would recognize me - we spoke for maybe 5 minutes then she sees me again, months later, in a different climate, country, context - I wish I could remember stuff that well.

Well, I'm tired now and still need to pump before going to bed. I'm determined to not let another month go by before my next post...wish me luck!

Posted by jfer at September 28, 2005 11:51 PM
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